Dance Health Alliance™ invites you to be a part of our exciting movement program.

No dance experience necessary  – Open to all ages and levels of mobility!

Dance Health Alliance™ runs innovative, in-depth training programs for dancers, dance teachers, physical therapists, nurses, movement therapists, care home staff, carers and individuals who are interested in the healing benefits of dance for movement restrictions. We are currently growing our portfolio of online tools, face-to-face training, and newly developed DHA™ Certification. The Dance Health Alliance™ certificate program aims to support dancers or dance teachers to extend their skills in order to facilitate professionally run, creative, personalised dance classes for people with Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid or Osteo Arthritis, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Alzheimer’s and other general movement restrictions.

For non-dancers and allied health professionals, we offer a two-day training program which provides understanding in the Dance Health Alliance™ method and is the first step in accreditation. The two-day training course is for dance teachers wanting a taste before committing to the week-long training, physical therapists, nurses, movement therapists, carers and people interested in supporting their own healing.

“”I used to dance a lot. Especially with my husband. I love to dance, it’s my joy. When I was diagnosed with MS I thought that my dancing days would be over and that I would not be able to dance again. My joy was taken from me. I was very upset. But then I found Dance Health Alliance. It has given me so much happiness as it allows me to dance again. And in fact, I dance more now than I ever did before I had MS, in my classes and with my husband!”


“It’s given me a chance to exercise according to my abilities & it’s reassuring to know that’s accredited by MS Australia , there is scientific backing to prove its worth, it’s not intimidating. Another big plus is that our beautiful dance teacher Gwen & Sarah understands MS and it’s limitations & the needs of her dancers. I look forward very much to my Tuesday session for social interaction also.”


“Music and exercise have been a beneficial therapy for my neurological condition. Since starting the program, I have noticed that I am faster, stronger and able to do exercises which I couldn’t do at the beginning of the program.”


“I attend the Chair Dancing classes provided by the IRT organisation and I am most grateful for them
The hours chair seated class is a great workout which helps my core strength, which is most needed as i have a long term back issue. I find the classes a really good and fun workout.”



Specifically designed for people living with all types of Dementia and their carers.


Community classes for people living with movement restrictions ie. Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Arthritis.


Community classes which are fun active based dance classes for retirees.