Gwen Korebrits, CEO & Co-Founder

Gwen Korebrits is a trailblazing advocate for the intersection of dance and health and the founder of the Dance Health Alliance. With a deep appreciation for the transformative power of movement, Gwen has dedicated her career to promoting individuals’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being through dance.
Drawing on her extensive background in dance education and healthcare, Gwen recognised the immense potential for dance to serve as a therapeutic tool. She established the Dance Health Alliance as a pioneering organisation that bridges the worlds of dance and healthcare, creating innovative programs and initiatives that harness movement’s healing and expressive qualities.
Under Gwen’s visionary leadership, the Dance Health Alliance has become a leader in the field of dance therapy and wellness. They have collaborated with renowned healthcare institutions and researchers to develop practices that enhance the lives of individuals of all ages and abilities. Through her initiatives, Gwen has brought the benefits of dance to diverse populations, including patients recovering from injuries, individuals with disabilities, and those seeking holistic wellness, with a significant focus on seniors’ health.
Gwen’s dance health expertise extends beyond her organisational leadership role. They are a highly sought-after speaker, and educator, captivating audiences with her deep understanding of the profound connections between movement and well-being. Gwen’s workshops and presentations inspire individuals to explore their bodies, cultivate self-expression, and tap into the joy and healing power of dance.
Passionate about the accessibility of dance as a form of therapy, Gwen actively works to remove barriers and create inclusive environments. She advocates for equal opportunities, collaborates with community organisations, and engages in research that further advances the field of dance health. Gwen’s commitment to equity and diversity ensures that the benefits of dance reach individuals from all walks of life.
Gwen is a testimony to visionary leadership, compassion, and unwavering dedication to promoting well-being through dance. Her groundbreaking work continues transforming lives, inspiring individuals to embrace movement as a powerful tool for self-discovery, healing, and personal growth. As Gwen’s influence grows, so does the impact of the Dance Health Alliance, shaping the future of dance therapy and redefining the possibilities of holistic health.

”We want to cultivate a new way of looking at health issues! If we could bottle the effects that dance has on our bodies, minds, and brains… it would be the new wonder drug!“

Andrew Greenwood, Director Co-Founder DHA

Andrew thrives on educating, motivating and inspiring people to understand the value and the relationship between the body, movement and life.

Over the years as a professional dancer and international ballet master, Andrew has experienced at first hand the moments of struggle, growth, maturity and glory that come together when one is engaged to dance, be it professionally or pure hobby.

Andrew dedicated a big part of his work in Dancer’s health (injury prevention & rehabilitation) offered guidance in how dancers can enhance their personal well-being, physically and mentally. That would provide the foundations of knowledge and assist him in discovering that not only Dance needs Health but Health needs dance.

Andrew founded the Dance for Health Foundation. in 2014 in the Netherland and was their head of training and research.

He now is a co-founder of the Dance and Creative Wellness Foundation and the founder of a movement program platform called Switch2Move.

Andrew has been a Director with Dance Health Alliance since its launch in Australia in 2015.

Tony Camphin, Chairman & Director

Tony joined Dance Health Alliance at the beginning of 2017.

Tony decided to take his areas of expertise and passion for helping small to medium sized companies to the next level with the formation of Strategic Corporate Direction and an Early Stage Venture Capital Fund. SCD provides many services which start-up and SME’s need including: business and strategic planning, strategic reviews, business valuations, capital raising, expert reports, feasibility studies, financial due diligence, financial forecasting and budgeting, information memorandums, for sale and purchasing of businesses, government support programs, professionalism of management and succession planning.

Tony is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accounts with a MBA in International Business from the University of New England. He commenced practice in 1976 and has experience in a wide range of industries both locally and internationally.  He is also an adjunct lecturer at the University of Technology, Sydney for the Graduate School of Business.

The Hon. Sandra Nori BEc (USYD) G.A.I.C.D

Dance Health Alliance are thrilled to have The Hon. Sandra Nori BEc (USYD) G.A.I.C.D join the Board of Directors.

Prior to entering NSW Parliament in 1988, Sandra completed BEc at Sydney University and commenced Graduate Law at UNSW in the early 1980’s.

Sandra helped to establish the then South Sydney Women’s Centre and worked there as one of its co-coordinators, starting in 1976. She also worked at Leichhardt Women’s Community Health Centre 1980-1983, focusing on migrant women’s health issues and was involved in the centre’s women behind bars project.

Sandra is proud to have also been involved in the pro-choice movement and reform of the antigay laws in the early 80’s.

Serving as a Minister 1999-2007, Sandra’s portfolios included Women, Tourism, Sport and Recreation Small Business.

Post parliament, she has held a number of board memberships including Macquarie University Council 2009-2018, NSW TAFE Commission Board member 2008-2013 and WDSF member of the Ethics Committee 2016. Sandra has been Deputy Chair for the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in Australia since 2009 and been a member of Amnesty for many years, as she considers its work to be crucial in creating a better fairer world and standing up for human rights.

Sandra’s passion for dance is evident through the dancesport programme she devised for primary schools. She also devised and initiated the Lucy Mentoring Programme.

Sandra brings to Dance Health Alliance a wealth of knowledge and passion, personal experience of the aged care sector through her parents is an invaluable director, helping to continue our Board’s mission in the alliance of dance and health.

Dr Sarah Palmer, Director, Company Secretary & Senior Teacher

Sarah has been dancing for as long as she can remember. She began with Jazz and Tap before exploring other styles of movement including Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre and Pilates. She has completed all levels of the Royal Academy of Dance Classical Ballet training and Ballet Australasia Ltd Tap examinations. Her teaching career started at the age of 17, assisting Principal teachers, and she hasn’t stopped since.

Graduating from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology in 2014, Sarah’s knowledge of the human body and the importance of physical activity for health and well-being has complimented her dance teaching.

Sarah is is now a doctor after studying her Doctorate of Medicine at the University of Notre Dame Sydney.

Angus Larcombe, Director & Treasurer

Angus Larcombe is an Associate in PwCs Consulting practice focussing on Analytics and Data driven insights.

With experience across a broad range of clients and industries, Angus strives to deliver value to clients from strategy through to implementation across a wide range of business problems.

Angus has seen the impact Dance Health Alliance™ makes on those who take part in the classes and hopes to use his business experience to help Dance Health Alliance™ reach more people.

Dr Ameeta Gajjar, Medical Advisor

Dr. Amy Gajjar is an Integrative General Practitioner working at the Wholistic Medical Centre in Surry Hills. She trained and worked in London as a GP before coming to Sydney, where she has obtained her Fellowship with ACNEM (Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine) and ASLM (Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine) and is a Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician.

Amy has also completed certifications in Life Coaching and Personal Fitness training. Amy is a Registered Yoga Teacher and has an interest in traditional healing systems. She believes in taking a holistic approach that encompasses all aspects of health including physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.

Isabella Poynter-Symonds, Graphic Designer

Isabella studied Graphic Design and Digital Media at the Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies, in the UK, before moving to Australia. Before working with the Dance Health Alliance™, Isabella worked as an assistant at Allison Turner Designs, helping with the Art Therapy Craft Workshops and designing leaflets for the classes. During this time she also worked on window displays and marketing for Oxfam and Cancer Research UK charity shops in Nottinghamshire.

Isabella has seen how crucial the physical and social benefits the Dance Health Alliance™ provides are and hopes to use her skills in Graphic Design in order to help the message reach the people who need it the most.