StretchWise Classes

StretchWise: Lockdown Recovery Program was specifically designed for people living in Care Homes, assisted living or recovering from Isolation and Social Distancing as a result of COVID-19. This period caused many people to feel lethargic, less willing to socialise, emotionally distant or lacking the motivation and energy they previously had.

The StretchWise program will help to improve and reinvigorate the mental, physical, emotional and social health of your residents, your loved one or yourself. StretchWise uses music, dance, stretching and breathing techniques to ease bodies out of isolation and back into a more active and social lifestyle. Benefits of this program include regaining stamina and lung capacity through a series of gentle sequences for a period of 30, 45 or 60 minutes at a time.

New South Wales


Dance Health Alliance™ is also launching training opportunities for care home staff in order to give them an understanding of the StretchWise structure, the needs of residents when dancing and ways to support them between classes. DHA can come to you and run a short overview session or your staff can attend our two-day training course.

“What a wonderful experience attending a Dance Health Alliance Class. Even as an able bodied participant I could feel the benefits immediately. Everyone was welcoming and encouraging, the dance movements were flowing and easy to follow and the passion and care shown by Gwen for the love of dance and all that participated is evident. A thoroughly enjoyable experience which I would highly recommend for those not only with mobility issues but for everyone who enjoys a lovely, social and inclusive experience.”