Below is a list of the most common questions that we are asked, if you can’t find the answer below then EMAIL us your question. 😜

For non-dancers and allied health professionals, we offer a two-day training program which provides an understanding of the Dance Health Alliance method and is the COMPULSORY first step in DHA teacher certification. The two-day training course is for physical therapists, physiotherapists, nurses, movement therapists, other allied healthcare professionals, carers, dance teachers wanting a taste before committing to the certified training, and people interested in supporting their own healing.

The Dance Health Alliance certificate program aims to support dancers or dance teachers to extend their skills in order to facilitate professionally run, creative, personalised dance classes for people with Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid or Osteo Arthritis, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Alzheimer’s and other general movement restrictions. Certified teachers will be promoted through our networks, be supported with online training, and be trained in both DanceWell and DanceWise class structures.

The beauty of the programme is that it invites teachers to integrate their own practices and genres of dance and movement. For example, we have a cross-section of teachers that specialises in Flamenco, Belly Dancing, Ballet and Contemporary. However, we do advise that a teacher has a basic ballet training and has worked teaching or performing dance for a minimum of 5 years.

Absolutely Yes. As a DanceWell DHA Teacher, we help to promote your community Classes through our social media. We encourage teachers to run the programme through their individual studios.

There is a structure to the programme but not a syllabus as such, the teacher will draw on their own knowledge of movement language, between the anchor moves to develop a class according to the individual needs of the participants.

Within the teacher training, we have a module on creating your playlists. There is no set playlist and we encourage the creativity and artistry of the individual teacher to develop their own library of DanceWell or DanceWise playlists.