Dance Health Alliance™ invites you to participate in our exciting movement program. No dance experience necessary – inclusive to all ages and levels of mobility!

Dance Health Alliance™ offers three dance-based programs to individuals within the community, independent living communities, care homes, high care facilities, and community centres; DanceWell, DanceWise, and DanceMoves. Our programs are individually designed to target differing needs, including (but not limited to) movement restriction, cognitive conditions, rehabilitation, and mental health. 

Dance Health Alliance™ is proud to offer a certified teaching faculty facilitating classes across NSW and QLD. We also train carers, therapists, medical and other allied health care professionals in our DanceWise™ program in order for them to incorporate our programs into their practices or facilities Australia-wide. 

We invite you to join the Dance Health Alliance™ community and find your Freedom Through Movement. 

DanceWise Care Home Classes

1 hour – Prices Vary.

Classes are available throughout Australia. Please contact us for pricing, contract terms and requirements.

Engaging Dance Health Alliance™ to train staff to deliver therapeutic dance classes for Seniors can assist RACF in meeting the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Care Home Staff Training Packages (starting at $4,500*)

Face to Face Onsite

Package includes:

  • Consultations with staff on how the program can be implemented within diverse groups of residents i.e lifestyle, high care etc.
  • Full Endorsed Facilitators Training Manual
  • 16 hours of training with DHA Certified Movement Practitioner Trainers/s
  • Training on your site, multiple sites can attend for the same organization
  • Workshop for up to 20 staff, min 6 attendees
  • Basic staff training in fundamental movement languages
  • Facilitator Certificate awarded to every participant
  • Two DHA classes with your residents during the training
  • One online follow-up consultation workshop
  • Ongoing staff support and online resources via the DHA website. Access to DHA library of Videos + Playlists
  • Annual license fee for the first year (included in the initial training package) to hold unlimited DHA 30 minute classes in your facility.

*Further costs may apply depending on Care Home location.

*Please note GST to be added.

DHA Movement Practitioner Workshops address falls prevention and teaches intervention practices to staff as part of their training to deliver therapeutic, fun dance and movement programs.

Standard 1 Consumer Dignity and Choice

1 (3) (b) Care and services are culturally safe.

Standard 2 Ongoing Assessment and Planning with Consumers

2 (3) (c) Assessment and planning: ii) includes other organisations, individuals and providers of other care and services that are involved in the care of the consumer

Standard 4 Services and Support for Daily Living

4 (3) (a) Each consumer gets safe and effective services and supports for daily living that meet the consumer’s needs, goals and preferences and optimise their independence, health, well-being and quality of life.

4 (3) (b) Services and supports for daily living promote each consumer’s emotional, spiritual and psychological well-being.

4 (3) (c) Services and supports for daily living assist each consumer to i) participate in their community within and outside the organisation’s service environment, and ii) have social and personal relationships, and iii) do the things of interest to them

* Services and supports for daily living include, but are not limited to, food services, domestic assistance, home maintenance, transport, and recreational and social activities.

Standard 7 Human Resources

7 (3) (c) The workforce is competent and members of the workforce have the qualifications and knowledge to effectively perform their roles.

Standard 8 Organisational Governance

8 (3) (b)The organisation’s governing body promotes a culture of safe, inclusive and quality care and services and is accountable for their delivery8 (3) (d)Effective risk management systems and practices, including but not limited to the

iii) supporting consumers to live the best life they can


Aged Care Quality Standards


“The DanceWise program has been a huge hit both with our residents and staff. It has been proven to be both safe, fun and effective, with some residents and their allied health specialists reporting significant improvements in balance and coordination. It is also a great social opportunity and is currently one of our most popular programs. Staff too have really appreciated the training and additional skills and it has increased job satisfaction amongst our leisure and lifestyle teams. The fact that staff can be trained to run the program makes it sustainable and means for an organisation like Whiddon, that delivers services to regional, rural and remote areas, that we can offer this great program to all of our residents.”